Renewable (mainly Solar) Energy

We aim to empower communities so they themselves can achieve a sustainable future – we strongly believe that the local people can be the solution to many of the challenges they face. Everything we do is in response to the local communities’ needs. By enabling them, great things can happen.

We work with farming groups and rural communities, last mile customers and peri-urban communities in sourcing and installing household solar and other renewable energy systems, solar energy solutions for productive purposes such as drip irrigation and solar energy in the WASH and health sector. To date we have provided solar and other renewable energy solutions to at least 1000 people in the five countries of the Lake Chad Basin

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Following a detailed internal review, the African Development Association (ADAS) has refocused its work to facilitate WASH, cookstoves, climate change and renewable energy projects and initiatives especially for last mile and rural communities and to support community resilience in the affected parts of Cameroon, S.W. Chad, S.E. Niger, N.E. Nigeria and CAR; and to partner with organizations and communities on action research on climate change and fostering sustainable development. We will do this through our flagship programmes for 2020 to 2023: